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Sustainable Bluefin Tuna

A few days ago I was lucky enough to go fishing for bluefin tuna with a friend of mine and a scientist from the Bluefin Foods lab, in an effort to collect muscle and meat tissue from these fish. All of this is helping combat the global problem of commercial fishing which collects nets upon nets of the fish to sell at markets and to stores. The population of bluefin is dying out so it is more important than ever to find a more sustainable way to get large quantities of this fish. The scientists at Bluefin Foods are in the process of collecting samples from live fish in order to replicate the meat in a lab. They aren’t trying to grow the fish, only the edible part. It is much easier to do in tuna than in cows and pigs per say because of the way that the muscle and fat are layered which is very even and simple. They still need more samples but they expect to have their first actual replicated pieces sometime within the next 2 years. This is really exciting because it means that we can really start getting some traction into sustainable seafood. The trip was ultimately successful and we were able to give the scientist all of the samples that she needed. Overall it was a really unique experience and it taught me a lot about what can be achieved with science when the right motivation is in place.

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